The original Jeep Bible

By Granville King and Willie Worthy.

The original Jeep Bible was written By Granville King and Willie Worthy. I have personally never met those two, but feel strongly that we should keep their work alive, and spread the wonderful book they've written. Below is a portion of their original website.

About the Book

For Jeep Owners
  If you’re one of the thousands of owners of vintage Jeeps who want to keep their vehicles rolling along well into this new millennium, the new, second edition of The Jeep Bible is just the thing you need. It covers all the stuff you want to know about MB, GPW, CJ-2A, CJ-3A, CJ-3B, CJ-5, CJ-6, CJ-7, JEEPSTER, COMMANDO and CJ-8.Also included is a special chapter on how to keep your CJ alive for 200,000 miles, and get better mileage, too.
There are facts, figures, and “how-to” on modifying your CJ for top 4-wd performance. Also, a “hot list” of 250 suppliers who want to help you along the way.
There are 288 pages packed with information, charts, tables, illustrations and diagrams. Plus lots of lively cartoons by Leo Bestgen, a well-respected automotive cartoonist.
Book Cover
A Different Kind of Manual

This a different kind of automotive manual. This is a user-friendly, hands on manual for the do-it-yourselfer who would like to have acouple of top mechanics at his side as he braves the innards of his Jeep – from the windshiled wipers to the tranny!
Here’s the genuine stuff from guys who’ve done it all: sand, rocks, mud, creek-beds and cactus in their Jeeps. You’ve got questions? They’ve got the answers! Fix your carburetor or replace it? Air down the tires or keep ‘em high? How long do you trust your battery? How do I put a Pinto engine in my Jeep? (Good way to go!)
They tell you how to take things apart and how to put them back together. They also tell you what NOT to take apart. They include safety tips learned the hard way. And all in a delightfully personal, down-to-earth style.

New Edition
  The Jeep Bible has undergone a complete revision and updating in this new edition. Two new chapters have been added. Thousands of copies have already been sold since the new edition was announced. Long-time Jeep owners, and many newer ones, are familiar with the legendary Granville King (also known as Desert Fox). After a lifetime spent with Jeeps, Granville enjoyed a second childhood surrounded by Jeeps and in the company of his beloved mutt, SuperDawg, on a beach in Baja California.
There, in between hauling gringo 4-WD duffers out of the sand, he pecked away on his manual Underwood typewriter to produce the famed Jeep Bible, a masterpiece of user-friendly advice and how-to for the owners of 1941 - 1986 Jeeps.
After Granville Went on Ahead to the Great Jeep Jamboree in the Sky, the publishers of The Jeep Bible invited a very experienced, knowledgeable, literate Jeep mechanic, Willie Worthy, technical expert at Four Wheeler magazine to do corrections and add new material. Willie’s a guy who thinks, eats, dreams and DOES Jeeps and all manner of four-wheel drive vehicles from sunup to bedtime at his Montana ranch. (Unless his wife gets to hollerin’ at him to get some wood chopped for the winter.) Now you have TWO master mechanics at your side as you work on your Jeep.
Willie went through every word of The Jeep Bible making additions, explanations and alterations, as needed, maintaining Granville’s backcountry way with words throughout. Plus, he added two important new chapters to the book. One new chapter is a “hot list” of suppliers of Jeep-related parts and accessories. The other covers how-to modifications and upgrades to your Jeep ... engines, trannies, transfer cases, lifts etc. ... info you’ve never seen in print before!