Jeep Bibles

Invaluable resources for repairing and getting the most from your Jeep

Below are several "Jeep Bibles", or printed manuals on how to modify and repair a Jeep vehicle. The original Jeep Bible was written by Granville King, who is known as the backyard mechanic king. It went on to become a classic, and is currently in it's third edition. Several other Jeep bibles have been printed, including the Jeep Owner's Bible, and the Military Jeep Bible.

The Jeep Bible: Written Personally for the Jeep Cult!

Another must have for the Library The Jeep Bible: Second Edition by Granville King Almost 15 years ago, Granville King, in his unique style, published a book specifically written for those of us who love, live and breathe Jeep. There has never been a more user-friendly instruction book on how to keep your Jeep alive than the Jeep Bible. The main body of the work discusses each of the major components of any pre-1986 Jeep: Leaks and Noises, Engine Troubleshooting, Manual Transmissions and Transfer Cases, and more.

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Jeep Owner's Bible: A Hands-On Guide to Getting the Most from Your Jeep

For Jeep fans, Jeep owners, and even those just contemplating the purchase of a Jeep, there is no substitute for this incredibly popular, versatile vehicle-over 3.5 million Jeeps have been sold since 1945. And for everything you need to get the most out of Jeep ownership, there is no substitute for "Jeep Owner's Bible"(tm) by Moses Ludel, recognized as the most comprehensive, authoritative guide to the Jeep ever published.

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High-Performance Jeep Wrangler TJ Builder's Guide 1997-2006

From Willys and Overland Jeeps of World War II, to the CJ models of '70s and early '80s, to the slightly more civilized Wrangler, the Jeep has become an American icon. Jeep has maintained its popularity by updating and modernizing the traditional two-door, removable-top Jeep without watering down its off-road capability. Jeep owners love to personalize their vehicles and modify them for better performance on and off road. In High-Performance Jeep Wrangler TJ Builder's Guide, author Christian Lee explains how to upgrade your Wrangler's suspension, axles, differentials, engine, transfer case, wheels and tires, skid plates, and more, using aftermarket and salvage-yard upgrades. This book includes over 300 full-color images and drawings to show beginners and experienced Jeepers how to do things right. Lee even has special sections for basic driving and recovery technique, and a few built-up Jeeps to give you ideas for your own Wrangler.

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Jeep 4x4 Performance Handbook

Already a classic among Jeep enthusiasts, Jim Allen's Jeep 4x4 Performance Handbook undergoes its own performance upgrade in this new edition, which introduces all-color photography and covers Jeep models that have appeared or changed significantly since the 1999 edition. The guide explains modifications for off-road driving and engine and drivetrain hop-ups for improved street performance and towing capabilities. It ranges from suspension systems, brakes, transmissions, tires and wheels to electric systems, winches, and other recovery gear, and includes an extensive listing of suppliers and retailer.

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The Joy of Jeep

All the thrills of off-roading start with a Jeep, and they keep on coming. A celebration of off-road Jeeps and the people who drive them, this book features the vehicles, personalities, events, and maneuvers that make up the Jeep universe of competitive and recreational off-roading.

The fact-filled, photograph-packed book explores the joys of Jeep ownership, history, restoration, modification, off-road competition, events, clubs and includes information on popular accessories and performance enhancing modifications.

Joy of Jeep